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What SMK Marketing can do for your business

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Creation of comprehensive Marketing Strategies and consultation on all Marketing plans and activities,

SMK Marketing works with clients to create comprehensive Marketing Strategies to help achieve their individual goals.

Whether you are a new business looking to create a plan to grow your early awareness and sales, or an existing business looking to create new campaigns for new products or services.

SMK Marketing also offers a retainer-based Consultation service whereby we work monthly with clients offering an outside view of upcoming Marketing strategies and campaigns, and lend our expertise to ensure clients get the best results possible from their efforts.


Social Media Marketing


Make the most of Social Media with creation of management of both paid and organic strategies

With more people than ever working from home, Social Media usage and engagement is on the rise, so it's important to ensure your company's products and services are front and centre of your target audience's news feeds. 

SMK Marketing works closely with clients to create relevant and engaging ads and organic content for your company's social media pages. 

Utilising the power of detailed social media advertising, we will connect with your target audience in new and creative ways.

SMK also creates monthly calendars and strategies for daily and weekly organic posts to improve engagement, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.


SEO Management


Take advantage of increased online shopping and e-commerce trends.

Since 2020, online shopping rates in Ireland have skyrocketed. Therefore having a prominent presence in Google searches is more important than ever.

Using Google Adwords, SMK Marketing helps clients= create dynamic ad campaigns to help grow business in line with their goals. This includes increasing sales, generating leads, improving brand awareness and identity; anything is possible.

We work closely with clients to learn their individual business needs, and create engaging ads to run on Google.

We also help maximise the SEO of our client's website through blog writing, landing page design, and keyword analysis to increase the organic searches and website visits.

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